Call-Out to Action – Parar o Gás (Stop Gas) : Action Platform

The rising cost of living and the climate crisis have a common cause: Fossil Gas.

We refuse to be fed more empty words, lies and inaction from politicians and CEOs while our homes are flooded and our land burned. We refuse to let people be exploited to fill the pockets of shareholders. Addiction to fossil gas is impoverishing and killing us.

What we demand is simple: 100% renewable energy, accessible to all people, in Portugal, by 2025.

Electricity is a basic need in our lives. It is a right, not a luxury. “Natural Gas” is a fossil fuel that is mostly used to produce electricity, in Portugal. Galp, REN, TrustEnergy and EDP tie us to fossil gas, profiting from our poverty and from climate chaos.

They have never stopped. They will never stop. It is up to us to stop them.

When all else has failed, it is up to us to stop these criminals. When those responsible for these crimes know the consequences and choose to continue, we will not stand by and watch. With courage, we find within ourselves the strength to, together, stop them.

We will stop the operation of these criminal companies and their gas infrastructure, with our own hands, until the crime stops.

This is a platform for all people who are fed up and want to act, without endangering the lives of people or animals, to disrupt the normality of these criminal enterprises until they stop.

This spring, hundreds of people will stop the operation of Portugal’s main fossil gas input – the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in the Port of Sines – in the most disruptive and creative collective civil disobedience protest of the climate justice movement in Portugal. Only by stopping gas can we have a just society with renewable energy for all people.

Don’t stay at home, we need you and your courage.

Join the platform. Participate in the action assemblies. Act to denounce the crime.